It is a common misconception that a person can tell exactly what kind of nutrients is lacking in the soil by looking at the crown of a tree. There are many different types of nutrients that a tree requires, and when it is lacking, it can have numerous effects on the tree. For example: a lack of nitrogen can cause tree leaves to yellow, but other nutrients can have the same effect. If you fertilize a tree not knowing exactly what is missing you can cause more problems than the fertilizer will solve. Too much nitrogen in the soil can cause tree leaves to burn.

Know Exactly What’s Required

Our arborists utilize leaf and soil samples to determine what kind of fertilizer is needed to keep your tree healthy. In most cases fertilizing is not required. Simple mulching around the root zone can make all the difference. Know the facts.

Keep Your Tree Healthy with Insect & Disease Control

Environmentally Friendly Insect & Disease Control

Our company is pesticide free. This means that we utilize insect and disease controls that do not require spraying the foliage of trees with petroleum based pesticides. We use methods as simple as placing a sticky tape along the trunk of a tree to trap insect pests that live in the soil over winter and crawl up the trunk during spring. If this is timed right it can be more effective than spraying and less damaging to the environment. Call us to see what environmentally sensitive methods could be utilized on your trees.

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